Amour Dreams Free Pattern
Amour Dreams Amigurumi Free Pattern

Amour Dreams

what is your sleep friend?

sleep is very important in infants. In terms of their development, it causes the mother to take care of the baby more peacefully and comfortably and find the opportunity to rest in her mother. maintaining sleep patterns in infants is quite difficult. Since they can solve their problems only by crying, we can make small sleeping toys so that they can meet their necessary needs first, and they can sleep with calm music as they can relax with warmth and softness. The greatest need of our babies is trust and love. Let’s knit a mate sleep friend

importance of sleepmate

If we consider the question of whether a sleepmate is necessary, I think that every material required for the peace of our baby should be prevented, so that our babies can be healthy individuals, they should be able to think psychologically healthy in this process and feel what they want. It is very difficult to raise a baby or even 2 or more babies. On this challenging path, our mothers are supported by their spouses. We should also consider our own health for the health of our babies. Our peace of mind will protect them.

how can we make a sleep friend?

Why knit a soft sleep companion for our babies? What we have to do is to complete our very simple materials and take into consideration our terms and knit our numbers in a certain order without mixing them. I recommend using eye locked eyes on the sleeping companions. our babies should not put it in their mouths.


Head/Arms : Yarnart jean Plus

Mouth: Catania Glamour

Body/Blanket: Alize Puffy

Sleep Hat: Etrofil Kashmir

Amour Dreams Amigurumi Free Pattern
Amour Dreams Amigurumi Free Pattern


ch: chain stitch

st: stitch

mr: magic ring

sc: single crochet

inc: increase (2 sc in the next st)

dec: decrease

ss: slip stitch

hdc: half double crochet

dc: double crochet

BLO: Black loop only

FLO: Front loop only

()*6: Repeat whatever is between the brackets the number of times stated

Amour Dreams Amigurumi Free Pattern
Amour Dreams Amigurumi Free Pattern


1: MR 6sc =(6)

2: 6inc =(12)

3: (sc,inc)*6 =(18)

4: (2sc,inc)*6 =(24)

5: (3sc,inc)*6 =(30)

6: (4sc,inc)*6 =(36)

7: (5sc,inc)*6 =(42)

8: (6sc,inc)*6 =(48)

9: (7sc,inc)*6 =(54)

10: (8sc,inc)*6 =(60)

11-18: 60sc

19: 21sc,82sc,inc9*6,21sc =(66)

20-25: 66sc

26: (9sc,dec)*6 =(60)

27: (8sc,dec)*6 =(54)

28: (7sc,dec)*6 =(48)

29: (6sc,dec)*6 =(42)

30: (5sc,dec)*6 =(36)

31: (4sc,dec)*6 =(30)

32: (3sc,dec)*6 =(24)

33: (2sc,dec)*6 =(18)

34: (sc,dec)*6 =(12)


1: MR 6sc =(6)

2: 6inc =(12)

3-17: 12sc

Amour Dreams Amigurumi Free Pattern
Amour Dreams Amigurumi Free Pattern


Alize Puffy


1: 21 loop

2-12: 20 loop


1: MR 6dc =(6)

2-5: 6dc

6: 6dcinc =(12)

7-10: 12dc

11: (dc,inc)*6 =(18)

12-13: 18dc

14: (2dc,inc)*6 =(24)

15: inc,24dc =(25)

16: inc,25dc =(26)

17: inc,26 dc=(27)

18: inc,27 dc=(28)

19: inc,28 dc=(29)

20: inc,29 dc=(30)

21: (4dc,inc)*6 =(36)

22: (5dc,inc)*6 =(42)

23: (6dc,inc)*6 =(48)

24-32: 48dc

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