Tiny rainbow unicorn
Tiny rainbow unicorn

Tiny rainbow unicorn

Symbolic Game (2-12 years old)

Symbolic play forms the basis of thinking in representation. In this period actually
uses important events in the game. However, since the game does not have to comply with reality
events can be changed and reflected in the game. Symbolization in children’s games two
is seen in the figure:
a) Transfer of an activity from one object to another. For example; eating activity to her baby
Applying formula, using stick instead of horse, lid of pot as steering
using it, pretending to be using a phone.
b) The child assumes the role of someone else. For example; bus driver, doctor, mother, father
take on such roles.
In the symbolic play period, especially when they involve imaginary people around the age of 2-4
games are also seen to be played. For example; play with the imaginary brother because the brother wants
like playing with an imaginary friend who does naughty for him. symbolization
ability develops with age. Mind as a result of the child’s cognitive activities in the game
it switches to logical thinking.
It does what happens around the age of 4.5 by entering the role of that person. 4.5 to 8
In his ages, the details of the objects and events to make the game more realistic
pays much attention, the division of labor is more convenient. In the period from 7-8 years old to 11-12 years old
the symbolic game is played closer to the truth, the rules and objectives are detailed in advance

Materials :

White and golden yarn (I used Drops Cotton Viscose )
little bit of rose, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red yarn (I used Phil Coton 3 )
2.5 mm crochet hook
7.5 mm safety eyes (0.3 inches)
Yarn (or tapestry) needle

Abbreviations and stitches used :

MR : Magic ring
ch : chain
st : stitch
sl st : slip stitch
sc : single crochet
inc : 2 single crochets in a single stitch
dec : decrease : single crochet 2 stitches together (note: I use invisible decrease technique)
FO : Fasten off
(…,…)*x : repeat “x” number of time the instructions between brackets


R1 : ch 6, sc in the second ch form hook, sc3, sc3 in
the last ch, on the other side of the chain : sc3, inc (12)
R2 : inc, sc3, inc*3, sc3, inc*2 (18)
R3 – 6 : sc in each st (18)
R7 : inc*8, sc10 (26)
R8 : sc8, inc*4, sc14 (30)
R9 -12 : sc in each st (30)
Insert safety eyes between round 9 and 10.
Start stuffing.
R13 : (sc 3, dec)*6 (24)
R14 : (sc 2, dec)*6 (18)
R15 : (sc, dec)*6 (12)
R16 : dec*6 (6)

Body :

R1 : sc6 in a MR (6)
R2 : inc*6 (12)
R3 : (sc, inc )*6 (18)
R4 : (sc2, inc )*6 (24)
R5 à 7 : sc in each st (24)
R8 : sc8, dec*4, sc8 (20)
R9 à 10 : sc in each st (20)
Start stuffing
R11 : sc8, dec*2, sc8 (18)
R12 à 14 : sc in each st (18)
R15 : (sc, dec)*6 (12)
R16 : dec*6 (6)


R1 : ch 12, join with a sl st (12)
R2 : sc in each st (12)
R3 : sc in each st (12)
FO leaving a long tail for sewing to the body
Sew to body
Then sew the head to the neck.

Legs (*4) 

With golden yarn:
R1 : sc6 in a MR (6)
R2 : inc*6 (12)
R3 : sc in each st (12)
With white yarn :
R4 : sc in each st (12)
R5 : sc in each st (12)
FO leaving a long tail for sewing to the body
Pin them to the body, then sew them on.


With Golden yarn:
R1 : sc3 in a MR (3)
R2 – 5 : sc in each st (3)
FO leaving a long tail for sewing to the head
Pin to the head, then sew it on.

Ears (*2) 

With white yarn :
R1 : sc4 in a MR (4)
R2 : (sc, inc)*2 (6)
R3 : (sc2, inc)*2 (8)
R4 : sc in each st (8)
FO leaving a long tail for sewing to the head.
Do not stuff, give them the shape you want them sew to the head.


– Insert your crochet hook inside a stitch of the
head, grab a piece of yarn, and make your first chain
stitch, chain the number of stitches required then
(from bottom to top)
red: ch 10
orange : ch 12
yellow : ch 13
green: ch 14
blue : ch 15
purple : ch 16
rose : ch 17
– FO
-“do hair”

Tail :

Use the same technique as for the
mane :
(from bottom to top:)
red: ch 5
orange : ch 7
yellow: ch 8
green : ch 9
blue: ch 10
purple : ch 11
rose : ch 12
– FO

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